A Dating App Used by Young Men to Search Older Women

With the changes of the times, the old-fashioned dating methods have not adapted to the current situation. People rarely have time to get in touch with each other in this fast-paced society. Everyone is busy with their work and family. However, an online cougar dating tool brings them the convenience of dating. They don't have to waste time on a bus or even a date that doesn't like him or her. They can first get to know each other online and make sure they like each other and then meet offline. There is now a very popular online dating app called cougarD. CougarD is an online dating app that serves young men and older women. If you are obsessed with older women, then you should choose a professional older women dating app, like CougarD. A good older women dating app can bring you high quality sugar momma and let you experience high quality cougar hook up dating.

CougarD has five main features. Each feature can help you find the right cougar hook up dating partners by step by step. Its first feature is called Meet, as it name implies, which is a place where people meet. Here people can see each other's photos. If you are interested in the other party's photo, you can swipe right on the screen. If this person is not the type you like, then you can swipe left on the screen. If you want to know more about the people you like, you can click on the photo and there will be three buttons below the photo, which are information, album and moment. Here you can see her or his detailed information and the more photos of hers or his, you can know what he or she is doing through the Moment. There is an advanced feature in the upper right corner of this page, where you can set location, age range, eye color, hair color, body type and so on to screen your potential sugar momma or young man.

If you find an older woman or young man you like, then you can start chatting with him or her. CougarD has a place for older women to chat with young men called Message. Here you can flirt and talk about topics of interest to you.

If you want to know what an older woman or young man you like are doing, you can check out her or his Moments. Moments is a sharing platform that records their lives. Here you can learn a lot of very interesting things about your cougar hook up dating partners.

If you want to see who you saw or who you are interested in, you can click on Connections and History to view it.

These above are CougarD's Features. If you want to have access to all the features, you need to join the VIP membership. There are three kinds of packages. The one-month package is$29.99.The three-month package is $84.99. The six-month package is 139.99.