Some Suggestions You Need to Adopt When Use CougarD

As we all know that CougarD is a famous cougar hook up dating app popular among the people who like older women dating. Many people are very familiar with this cougar dating app. Today, we are not going to teach you how to use it, we just put forward some suggestions to improve your cougar dating experience when you use CougarD. Maybe some of you are experts in developing a cougar dating relationship, but I still want you to read this article carefully on this mature singles dating site.

1: Be familiar with its features

CougarD has five critical features, which are Meet, Messages, Moments, Connections and History. Its features are so easy to operate that almost everyone can use it without help. Each feature has different function. Meet is used to match people who have the same interests. Messages is used to make people have conversations with each other so that they can have a better understanding of each other. Moments is a place where people post thing they are interested in. Here people can see many potential cougar dating friends' photos. Connections and History are features where you can see who viewed you or who you liked. These are these five features' functions. After a detailed understanding, CougarD will be more freely operated.

2: Ensure you have uploaded a clear photo with face

When the user enters the mature dating app, they are presented with photos of potential mature dating friends in front of them, they can slowly browse to filter their favorite people. So, this photo showing in front of users is very important, which determines whether the user is swiping left or right. If you don't have the right photo, you can ask your friend to take some beautiful photos for you, and let your friends pick the best one for you as your avatar. Remember the more creative the photo is, the more potential cougar dating mates will be attracted by it. Therefore, ensure you have uploaded an outstanding photo with clear face.

3: Ensure you have finished your profile

When people see your photos, if they want to know more about you, they can click on your photo to go directly to your profile. If your profile is empty or imperfect, people will feel that you are not sincere in making friends for older women dating. This will leave a bad impression on them. And you will miss potential older women dating friends who may like you on this mature singles dating site.

4: Learn about the charges for its advanced applications.

CougarD is free for all users, but you need to pay if you want to use its advanced features. Its cost is generally divided into three types, one month, three months and six months packages. The cheapest is a six-month package, which averages about $23.99 per month. If you want to get more high quality older women dating friends, joining VIP is the best choice. This mature singles dating site can help you find more dating partners.